Admissions Open 2022-23


2022 - 23

Admission Open 2022 - 23

Begin your educational journey with ASRA in Sep 2022 for a high-quality academic experience tailored for Homeschooling students.
We have limited places available for the academic year 2022-23. Therefore, admissions are strictly on a first-come serve basis.


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    • Quat

      I really like my maths teacher. As maths is one of my favourite subjects, I am happy that I have an amazing teacher to help me improve and learn new topics. She makes her lessons engaging, allowing pupils to show how they worked out questions which is beneficial for all of us. She is very helpful and there to answer any questions we have in and out of class times.  

      Year 10 Student: Alima (July 2022)
    • Quat

      Mr Yunus is a really good teacher. His style of teaching is very simple to follow. He goes through topics in a way which makes them easy to understand and recaps plenty of times to make sure everyone understands. He’s always open to questions.  

      Year 9 Student: Jasim (July 2022)
    • Quat

      Adaab and Akhlaaq’s lessons were exciting and fun. We always have many brain teasers and puzzles. The teacher is very cooperative and polite. We learnt many interesting topics, and the teacher was always punctual.  

      Year 6 Student: Faatima (July 2021)
    • Quat

      My History teacher is amazing. He’s lively, kind and engaging. He explains everything in extreme detail in a clear, slow voice so we can write notes. Mr Zakaria is the best teacher.  

      Year 7 Student: Maryam (July 2021)
    • Quat

      Mrs Erij is a brilliant ICT teacher. She is punctual, her communication on software/tech topics is easy to comprehend, and she provides clear and straightforward definitions to help us better understand.  

      Year 8 Student: Ahmed (July 2022)
    • Quat

      Feedback from the teachers are well developed and usually positive. Communication with parents is great and regular. Arabic, science, maths, and geography teachers are top top top (well-experienced and knowledgeable). I am very very picky as I am a teacher myself.

      Foulet Camara [Parent], July 2022
    • Quat

      The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable in their subjects. We are happy with the teacher selection and the fact that they remained and not changed or dropped out.  

      Aisha Khan [Parent], July 2022
    • Quat

      All wonderful, committed, hard-working and enthusiastic, and their energy has made Zain love learning and want to work hard and aim high!  

      Zainab Ali [Parent], July 2022
    • Quat

      The Arabic, English, Geography and science teachers are absolutely brilliant. Sultan found the to be approachable, warm, kind and funny whilst being excellent teachers.  

      Ugbad Farah [Parent], July 2022
    • Quat

      All year 7 teachers are amazing, I would like thank all the amazing teachers  

      Maryam Mohamoud [Parent], July 2022

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