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Key Stage 4 – IGCSE

Online IGCSE with ASRA

For IGCSE (Years 9, 10 and 11), ASRA students pursue English (Language and Literature), Mathematics and Double or Triple Award Science. with at least one Humanity and one Modern Foreign Language.

International GCSE - EBacc

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the international standard and recognised globally as a GCSE equivalent, taken up by many independent and private schools in the UK. ASRA provides full support to our students to ensure they select the best subject options for their future studies. . Core subject are compulsory, ASRA students typically choose at least one subject from humanities and one modern foreign language to meet the EBacc requirements. 


The curriculum for years 9, 10 and 11 includes English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Double or Triple Award Science and ICT/Computer Science. Students then choose a Humanities and a Modern Foreign Language. 

**Fees does not include exam board fees which can vary. 

Pupils are expected to start school at 09:00 am. The basic timetable slot is 60 minutes in length. Each core subject is taught for 180 minutes per week. All other subjects are 120 minutes each per week.

There are usually around 37 weeks in a school year. The year is split into three terms. Spring term starts just after New year and ends at Ramadan break. The Summer term runs from after the Ramadan/Eid holidays until the summer holidays. The Autumn term runs from the beginning of September until the December holidays.

Key Stage 4

This is the golden age of one’s youth and a time to make some important life decisions. By this stage of their education, students have learnt to never think that they are too small or insignificant to make a difference. Every student will leave ASRA with at least 8 IGCSE qualifications. 

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Feedback from Students

  • My Maths teacher is one of my favourite teachers. Her classes are really fun and if you need help she won't hesitate to help us. I enjoyed having the maths teacher the whole year. She is always on time. I like her style of teaching because she also allows the children to explain how they got their answers and I think sometimes it is fun to see how other people got their answers not just the teacher all the time.

    Year 10 - Student 1
  • I can proudly say Miss Abdullah is the best science teacher I have had for my entire school years, I thought the PERFECT teacher could never exist, guess I was wrong, she is everything and more, and I'm 100% sure I'm not alone in saying all of this.

    Year 9 - Student 1
  • Adaab and Akhlaaq was really exciting and fun, we always have many brain twisters and puzzles. The teacher is very cooperative and polite. We learnt many interesting topics and the teacher was always punctual.

    Year 6 - Student 1
  • My English teacher is punctual and how she provides all the documentation needed. I also like the way she gives us the opportunity to discuss certain things like when we evaluated some poems. H/w feedback: Useful. I understand every correction given in my essays etc

    Year 10 - Student 2
  • My History teacher is amazing. He's lively, kind and engaging. He explains everything in extreme detail, in a clear, slow voice so we can write notes. Mr Zakaria is the best teacher.

    Year 7 - Student 1
  • Mrs Erij is a brilliant ICT teacher. She is punctual, her communication on software/tech topics is easy to comprehend, and she provides clear and straightforward definitions to help us better understand.

    Year 8 - Student 2
  • My Arabic teacher is great I really enjoy her lessons and she is really sweet. Her style of teaching is good because she engages with the class and makes sure no one is left out. She is also funny and has a great sense of humour

    Year 9 - Student 3
  • I have never seen teachers so committed, so joyful, so interactive! They help each student to reach their full academic and personal potentials. The teachers have such a beautiful way of engaging the children that they have brought out the best in my son, both personally and academically. I have observed a huge improvement in My son's confidence in his own abilities, his self-esteem, his communication skills and in all of his social interactions since joining this wonderful school - Alhamdulillah! Thank you to all of the Admin and teaching staff.

    Parent 1 - Feedback
  • The portal is very user friendly. I do like the fact that ASRA offers Life Skills and Imaan and Akhlaq lessons which have benefited my daughter profoundly.

    Parent 2 - Feedback